The Artistic Practice of LiuYijun (Tang Dynasty Lao Wu)

Three seconds

The Artistic Practice of Liu Yijun (Tang Dynasty Lao Wu)

Organizer: Enjoy · Art Museum
Producer: Wang Feiyue
Curator: Cheng Xi
Executive Curator: Liang Hongwei, Zhang Zongxi

Opening time: 2023.08.12 3:00 pm
Exhibition Date: 2023.08.12-9.3
VIP Preview: 2023.08.11 3:00pm (by invitation only)
Live Music: 2023.08.11 4:00 (by invitation only)

Venue: Beijing  Enjoy · Art Museum
Address: B06, 797 Road, 798 Art District, Jiuxianqiao Road 2, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Exhibition introduction:

Today's art has gradually moved towards a diversified trend. The boundary of "art" is becoming more and more difficult to define, and even the word "art" can no longer satisfy today's diversified expression. Among them, cross-domain creators have brought new vitality and inspiration to contemporary art with their unique creative perspective, and the value and significance have not been fully discussed and excavated.  Enjoy · Art Museum has been paying attention to and excavating the value of creators in different fields, and has successively presented their ideas and works to the public in the form of case studies, while providing new samples and possibilities for the field of Chinese contemporary art.

Musician Liu Yijun (TangChaoLaoWu) is a legend of Chinese rock music. After creating the long-lasting classics in the history of Chinese rock and roll in Dream Back to the Tang Dynasty, his musical spirit has continuously influenced the young generation of musicians over the years. In more than 30 years of music career, Lao Wu has constantly crossed the barriers defined by the secular world, seeking spiritually unmade nature and truth. As one of the most outstanding musicians in China, British "SPIN" magazine named him "China's greatest guitarist" in 1992. It was his many years of understanding of music that led to another expression of his cognition of life - "painting". Since he picked up the brush by chance in the early 1990s, Lao Wu has never interrupted the dialogue with the canvas.

This exhibition is Liu Yijun's most comprehensive solo exhibition so far. The exhibition will present a diverse and rich Liu Yijun, including painting, music, writing, images, literature, etc. since the 1990s. During the exhibition, Liu Yijun will also improvise with a number of musicians and artists. Stay tuned!
2014, colored pencil on paper, 34x24.5cm


The Buddha smiled and bent,
People laugh between their eyebrows.
Yesterday was auspicious.
Clear water is boundless!

This is an untitled poem written by Lao Wu in 2018, and the last sentence "Clear water is boundless" is exactly Lao Wu's mood at that time. I found that if you want to understand Lao Wu's music, you can read his poems. If you want to understand Lao Wu's paintings, you can read his poems. If you want to understand Lao Wu, you can read his poems. If you understand Lao Wu, you can understand his art.
Lao Wu is a musician, but he is a poet in his heart. He is free by nature. He is still in Niulan Mountain for one second and Penglai Pavilion the next second. The last second was about AI and the metaverse, and the next second was the ancient, Xia, Shang and Zhou. His thinking invalidates time and space. In his place, the Xia Dynasty is only one second apart from today. This kind of thinking comes from nature. His music, paintings and poems are all out of "tual nature". He said, "Use music to worship my nature, not to follow the times, but to follow nature."

Today, we live in an era of increasing standardization, and the fifth is a unique existence. He did not resist the times, but bypassed the times. In his place, time is organic and growing, not mechanical timing like clocks and calendars. He never considers the issue of "when not contemporary" when creating. He wants to put his work in the long river of time to see if it is enough "pure" and eternity, and "pure" and eternity come from "enlightenlightenment" and practice.

Lao Wu has a poem:
With the use of life,
It's like a stream moving forward.
It's rare to find this place on the other side.
For the sake of infinite cultivation!
Talent 2009.10.7

Only with long-term practice can we understand "Tao", and "understanding" is only in an instant. In his opinion, "the moment is eternal", and the "three seconds" is also the moment, which is the initial intuition of everything, the most direct energy, and the purest look. For the fifth brother, creation is like enlightenment, and it is also a practice. Whether it is music, painting, poetry, or language expression, he is naturally natural, and it is called "commation" in a word in traditional Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine theory regards the body as a universe, and creation is to deal with the flow and balance between matter and gaps in the body or the universe, so as to achieve "pass". The original inspiration of art comes from this.

Move the width between one:
Purely suspected of being meditulated:
Only reading clothes in this life:
A Smile Continued
"Retance" 2009.5.16

Lao Wu's paintings are difficult to summarize in contemporary, modern, classical, etc. In addition to the "art" system, it can also be said to be a self-contained system. The thought and structure of his works not only come from the traditional Chinese ideological system, ancient cosmology, ancient legends, etc., but also from the human subconscious. He tried to talk to a tree, see his body as a hill or a plant, give life to the rocks, wind and rain in nature, and create the illusion of "human mountain" and "tree man", and even the realm of "selflessness".

Lao Wu's paintings pay more attention to the meaning of spirit and consciousness, and the images he depict are related to people's body and mind. He smeared it on the paper with a pencil or brush, and the pen moved with his heart, full of inexplicable magic power. He has his own unique atlases, which are not trained and have nothing to do with masters in art history. These atlases come from his life experience, which is his own life code, which Lao Wu calls "source code". There is only one for each person. Let's see if you can find it.

Lao Wu is a musician. His paintings and poems are overflowing in the gap between music. For him, creation is not a matter of choosing music or painting, nor is it a matter of form and technology, but how to return to self-heart and life. Lao Wu's music, painting and poetry flow naturally in a state of selflessness.

Cheng Xi
7.20 2023

2011—2013, colored pencil on paper, 17.5x17.5cm

2011—2013, colored pencil on paper, 17.5x17.5cm
2011—2013, colored pencil on paper, 17.5x17.5cm

Liu Yijun (Tang Dynasty Lao Wu) Chronology of Events:

1990.The first time Tang Dynasty performed in the "90 Modern Concert" in Beijing Capital Stadium.
In December 1991, the first album "Dreaming of Tang Dynasty" was released in China as the creator of Tang Dynasty Band.
In December 1992, the album "Dreaming of the Tang Dynasty" was released in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia.
1992 Platinum Album Award in Taiwan and China.
In 1992, he was honored as "China's Greatest Guitarist" by the British magazine "spin".
1994.February, went to Berlin, Germany to participate in the "Chinese Culture and Art Festival" performance. In October, the band went to Fukuoka, Japan to perform at the "International Cultural Festival".
December 1994, the band was invited to participate in the "China Rock Power" festival held in Hong Kong Hongkan Stadium.
In December 1994, the band was invited to perform at the "China Rock Power" concert at Hong Kong's Hong Kong Stadium, which was a great success. The show was reported to be a milestone for rock music in China.
In May 1995, bassist Zhang Torch died in a car accident on his way back to his home, and the band stopped rehearsing for a while.
In March 1996, the band recorded a commemorative album entitled "Goodbye Zhang Torch", which was released by Scorpion Culture.
In 1996, Liu left the band for the first time.
In 1997, he received the "Music Achievement Award" from the government.
1999 Released his first solo album "Returning Again".
1999----2002 The face of Ibanez guitars.
In April 2001, Liu returned to Tang Dynasty. Tang Dynasty is even more perfect.
2005 Collectively produced "The Gift" to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Zhang Torch's death, in which Liu's classic solo in "Spring Silkworm" was widely circulated.
July 2006 to participate in Taiwan Ocean Music Festival
July 2007 to Hong Kong to participate in the 10th anniversary of the return of Hong Kong to China performance
January 7-January 9, 2009--------Liu recorded a new album of improvised music with avant-garde sound artist Sainkho.
January 16, 2009 ----------- Liu leaves the band again
March-June 2009 -------- invited to the Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai. The exhibition "No Boundaries, Black Box.Exhibiting paintings, music and new media.
March 28, 2009 ------------ became the image spokesman of the international famous brand Wox speakers
April 25-29, 2009 -------- Liu recorded the second half of his new album with Sainkho
July 2011---Invited by director Zhang Yuan to compose movie music for his new movie "There's Guts".
2012.10------Invited by the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), the highest art school in China, to perform in the New Frontier of Chinese Art.
2013.4 - Invited by Liu Sola to perform at the grand finale of UCLA's 25th
Anniversary Celebration in the U.S., with a standing ovation at halftime for their wonderful performance.
2013. ----- and Sora Liu were invited to perform at the closing ceremony of Li Xianting's Independent Film Festival.
2013. ---- Scored for the independent movie Winter
2013.10--- Impromptu performance with modern dance dancers at Caochangdi Art District, the scene rocked.
2015.3.21----The first solo painting exhibition was held in 798's "In 3" gallery, which caused a great sensation and was highly recognized and affirmed by people in the field.
2015.6.26---- individual paintings were invited to participate in the third China-Italy Biennale held in Turin, Italy (the curator was the curator of the three Venice Biennale, highly recognized Lao Wu's works and invited to participate in this exhibition).
2018.12.25---- Pompidou Biennale (Chengdu Station), in cooperation with Today Art Museum New Media Lab and brainwave scientists, improvised real-time visual presentation, realizing the multi-dimensional flow of perception, as a new attempt to combine art and technology.

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